Tuesday, August 8, 2017

We're kind of on vacation

Living in Florida kind of feels like we are on vacation all of the time, well on the weekends lol. Since moving here my parents have been down twice and my sister and her family just went home Sunday morning. I wish my whole family would just move here! We had so much fun while they were here and ended up having amazing weather except for one day. Tropical storm Emily was making her way through the area luckily the Cape didn't get hit we just had a little bit of rain for one day. Unfortunately some damage was done to Fort Myers. My sister was in the hospital having surgery on Monday; she wasn't feeling to great so she went to the ER and ended up having to have surgery right away. I'm glad she is ok now but she had to stay in the hospital for three days while they were down here. We did make the best of their vacation the rest of the time they were here. 

 Feeding turtles at the shell factory, this is a pretty neat place and they have a restaurant that is really good too!

Travis, my brother in law and my niece all went fishing on Wednesday and caught dinner for everyone. Travis' buddy has a fishing charter so he took them out and its safe to say we had dinner for days! They even caught a couple of sharks! Fish and chips one night and fish tacos the next for the win. 

Saturday we spent the whole day at the beach; it was such a gorgeous day. Of course being out in the sun and swimming all day really works up an appetite. We all wanted to go out for seafood so we checked out a restaurant I found online and it looked so cool  until we got there. There was construction every where the lady brought me water in a dirty cup but it was a throw away cup so I don't know why it was dirty and they didn't really have the greatest menu. So we ended up going and checking out a different restaurant. Doc Fords Rum Bar and Grille always pops up when I type in great places to eat so we wanted to check that place out. When we got there though there was an hour and a half wait so it must be a really good restaurant! They do however have a seat yourself section downstairs and its right on the bay so we went down there and of course it was full but a family got up to leave and my brother in law was going to get the table and some lady came and jumped in front of him and slid in the chairs. It just amazes me how many rude people are out there but it was kind of funny. Instead of waiting on someone else to leave we just went next door to Dixie Fish Co. This restaurant was also on the bay and it was really good. I got popcorn shrimp which was killer and so were there fries. Kaden also loved the popcorn shrimp and Travis got Hogfish which was there catch of the day. If you are ever in Fort Myers check this place out not only does the restaurant look awesome but they have great food and great customer service.

 Their fried green tomatoes were almost as good as my moms


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