Monday, July 31, 2017

My Skin Care Routine

When I was younger I always got compliments on my skin, I guess I was one of those lucky kids/teens that didn't suffer from acne or having too oily or too dry skin. Honestly though I have always taken care of my skin, I didn't always have the routine I do now. It was a lot more simplistic. After discovering serums and eye creams when I was about 17 I haven't ever been able to just use cleanser and moisturizer. Even though I had good skin I didn't have great skin. Once I started a more "complicated" skin care routine I saw a dramatic difference in the way my skin looked. It was always clear of pimples, I would get the occasional black head on my nose but my skin didn't glow. Now on my no makeup days my skin just looks so healthy and naturally dewy even though I do not have oily skin . 

Once I turned 25 my skin completely changed! it wasn't terrible but I would get those painful deep under the skin pimples on my chin as well as a bunch of little bumps. Now going from having skin where you would occasionally get one pimple to painful pimples and bumps on your face really has an effect on how you feel about yourself. It took me a while to go out without makeup on when I had these breakouts. It took me about 5-6 months to get it cleared up for the most part, I still get the bumps on my chin and an occasional painful pimple but for the most part I have gotten it under control.

Products I use
1. Makeup removal
I really like to use remover wipes because I have lazy nights and that's the easiest but I have really liked using an oil cleanser  and then going in with my cleanser.
2. Cleanser
I have used a variety of cleansers over the years but my favorites would have to be the Murad essential c, And the DDF glycolic cleanser 
3. Toner
After cleansing our skin is naturally acidic and the pH balance should be between 5 and 6 but most soaps/cleansers can disturb the natural balance. A toner is going to come in and remove any excess makeup and balance out your skins pH levels. A toner is going to protect your skin by closing your pores which reduces the penetration of impurities and envionmental contaminants getting into the skin. Toners can do lots of amazing things my favorite thing that they can do is to bind moisture to the skin leaving my face radiant.
4. Moisturizer
Urban Decay and Cetaphil but I will occasionally pick up a different one to try 
5. Pamper
When I think of "pampering" my skin I think of masks and peels but really in my opinion in order to have great skin you need these things in your skincare routine even if you only do them once a week.

Massage techniques really helps get oxygen to that area, getting oxygen to the surface is a natural form of anti aging. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, I don't know about you but I really like to have that radiant glowy skin and that's what the collagen production does. 

Your skin the largest organ on your body so you really want to take care of it. Always use a moisturizer if you have dry, oily or normal skin. Excessive dryness can cause aging a lot quicker and flaky skin, if you don't use moisturizer and you are oily your skin thinks it needs to produce more oil and nobody wants to be extremely oil. 

What are some of your favorites when it comes to skincare. I love trying new products!


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