Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Full Coverage foundation routine

My foundation routine has changed so many times in the many years that I have been doing makeup. I mean I took my very first makeup class when I was 13, I have always had a passion for all things beauty and I love just playing around finding new and better ways to apply my makeup. I guess thats what made me originally go to school to be an Esthetician. I've had lots of days where I've tried to apply my foundation like on a YouTube tutorial I have watched and since everyone's skin is different it did not look good on me and not to mention we apply more when we are doing video tutorials so the makeup shows up better.

I probably will never go back to applying my foundation, concealer etc any different than I do now. Obviously I have normal skin so if you have oily skin I will also include tips in there for you!

Make sure you are always starting out with a clean fresh face. I usually apply my makeup about 10-30 minutes after I wash my face and put on serums and moisturizers.

Foundation tips
Start with a little bit, if you need more coverage you can always add you don't want to cake up your face.
Make sure you are using one right for your skin
Don't use one that is too dark, I would rather go a little lighter and just add bronzer than have that dark line around my neck.

My full coverage foundation order
Nyx hydra touch primer (my favorite primer ever)
Oily skin tip: use a mattifying primer or pore filling primer or both ;)
LancĂ´me teint idole foundation
mix any liquid highlight into foundation for extra dew if you like that look
Tarte shape tape
Oily skin: you can try to not set concealer but if you feel it is creasing or sliding off your face just add some powder
Urban Decay shapeshifter palette (cream contour)
Now here is the weird part for most people, I don't set my face with powder.  If you have oily skin just go ahead and set your face. When I would set my face with powder and walk outside I didn't like the way my skin looked. You could tell that I was wearing makeup. Even though I am putting on several things without adding powder my skin just looks very natural and glowy but flawless. If I get any creasing under my eye I just tap it out a little bit with my ring finger, with the shape tape though I really don't get creasing.

Since I first used this brush it is the  only one I use to apply my foundation. It is the best ! (Urban Decay optical blurring brush)It is so tightly coiled that it isn't going to shed and pretty much does all of the work for you. Plus it is  made from recyclable materials.
Don't mind my chipped nails lol but I love mixing this temptu liquid glow into my foundation 

This pixi glow mist makes my skin look so dewy all day long I spray it on before and after makeup application

If I want to go a little more glam I will add powdered bronzer highlight and blush. Since I didn't use a setting powder I don't feel like I am caking on powder and it still looks very natural.


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