Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

I am living for all things bright and colorful this summer, anything yellow, orange or pink. Colorful things just always put me in a good mood and my first favorite this week would have to be the nail polish I have been wearing non stop. I don't know if you have tried Morgan Taylor brand nail polish but it is seriously the best. The color that has been on my nails all summer so far has been Pink Flame-ingo; now how cute is that name. It is a bright cheerful coral pink color. 

So I could pretty much live off of chips and salsa alone. Anyone who knows me knows that, that is my favorite food of all time. Well chips, salsa and tacos. But really the amount of chips and salsa I eat is ridiculous. The other day we went out to explore Pine Island which is an island about 10 minutes from where we live and on the way back we stopped at a farmers market. They  not only had some of the best fruit but Travis also snuck in a jar of salsa without me knowing and surprised me with it when we got home. See I get excited over salsa haha its a problem. It literally was the best I have ever had and I am super picky with my salsa. I will for sure be going back there and buying it several more times. If you have a place you can get homemade salsa without having to make it yourself I totally would snag some up.

This pink flamingo pool float has been every where and I mean every where. We drive through the neighborhood and every pool has one in it and people have it at the beach. Every time we go to the store I want to get one, I think i'm going to have to go out and get it before our next beach trip because Bryleigh also wants it. How cute would she look just floating around in a pink flamingo floaty, although she calls it a mango floaty lol.

I just love this dress it is so bright and I could definitely see myself wearing this to the beach or out to dinner. Just pair it with a pair of wedges and you're good to go. 

I really want to get a pair of birkenstocks. One in every color! I remember wearing these when I was younger and I am so excited that they are coming back in. They are so comfy, they may not be the best style but with all the cute new colors I love them. 

What are some of your favorites from this week?!


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