Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spa bathroom DIY for Under $10

We all love a good spa day so why not just have one at home and save some money with a little diy. I am all about pampering myself with face masks, long baths and bath bombs. All of those things are a lot more relaxing when you have pretty candles and flowers around. I have a DIY that you can do for you're spa bathroom for less than $10! I picked up everything at the dollar store except for the candles; I got those from walmart for about $3 for both. 

First you're going to need to take the stand and put some glue around the rim, I used E6000. You will want to use this or something similar because you want it to hold. Then just place the vase on the glue and make sure it is in the middle and even. 

You should let dry for 24 hours and decorate with anything you want. I chose to add a little bit of rocks and candles but you can add anything you want pebbles, marbles, plants etc.

Super easy and inexpensive but gives you the feel of a spa. I also like to add some essential oils to my bath for extra relaxation.



  1. I like doing the same. When having a rough day it calms me down.