Monday, June 26, 2017

Attack of the killer mosquitos and a beach trip

Since moving to Florida we have been exploring the different beaches around the city we live in. So far Siesta Key and Crescent Beach/Fort Myers beach is our favorite. Saturday morning we woke up early to head out for a trip to the beach. Apparently we didn't get up early enough because there wasn't one single parking spot; so after driving around for about 15 minutes we decided to check out a different beach. We headed to Longboat Key beach which was like something out of a magazine it was absolutely beautiful but not great for kids. There wasn't a lot of space for them to play in the sand and there was a huge dip once you got in the water which made me super nervous with the kiddos. Back up to getting out of the car for Longboat we started unloading the wagon and cooler and then all of a sudden we were all covered in at least 15 mosquito bites in that short amount of time so when we left Longboat we ran to the car through everything in and jumped in the car so we wouldn't get attacked by all of the mosquitos!  

(Longboat Key)

(These were taken at Turtle beach the sand there was more like gravel it wasn't pretty)

After spending time time at Longboat Key we went to check out turtle beach which was similar to Longboat Key as far as the dip in the water but it wasn't as pretty. So we packed up and headed to Siesta Key, we had to drive around for a little while to get a parking spot but we finally did!!! Siesta is where we spent the rest of our day. If you have not visited this beach you are missing out. The white sand and light blue water that you can see through is absolutely stunning, it is the #1 one beach in the USA for a reason. 

Sunday we woke up and headed to Naples. We stopped at Barefoot beach which was awesome we got to see a land tortoise and the kids loved it. This beach was very pretty but we decided to head into Fort Myers and go on a dolphin cruise. We went through Estero Bay Express dolphin tours. Kaden and Bryleigh had a blast and so did Travis and I. We got to see so many dolphins and the Captain even got them to play behind the boat. If you are ever in Fort Myers check out the Fish Tale marina and go in this dolphin tour; you will not regret it.

Everyone started to get hungry so we checked out The Salty Crab. It did not disappoint, they have a ton of different colored picnic tables, you are right in the sand and on the beach. Perfect way to end an amazing day. Travis and I got the grouper po boy and some gator bites for an appetizer the Kaden and Bry just got chicken fingers, although Kaden loved the gator bites. After dinner we went for a walk on the beach and let the kids play in the ocean for a few and headed home. This is definitely something I can get used to, I love living so close to the beach. 



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