Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gift Guide for the Man in your life

Is anyone struggling with what to get their significant other this year for Christmas?! Well if you are I've got you covered, you might have to switch around a few things like maybe a team or a scent but most of these things any guy would love to have. 

Beard grooming Kit//sock trio//Sunnies//Nikes//Cologne//Beer Making Kit//Elliott Jersey

Beard kit: Men usually grow out their beards in the winter. I know most of the guys in my family do. This beard kit would be  fantastic gift, it has all the things a guy would need to take care of his beard and keep it from looking straggly.

If you have a hunter in your life or just someone that is out in the weather a lot they will love these warm socks. Real tree is a great brand so I know these socks are very comfy and thick to keep your toes nice and warm.

Everyone loves sunglasses and how cute are these aviators. I love aviators because they look great on anyone male or woman and it doesn't matter your face shape. 

Again if you have a hunter in your life this mug fits for them perfectly. It talks about guns and of course if they are getting up at 5 in the morning to be out in the woods they are going to want a cup or two of coffee.

Any man is going to love a new pair of sneaks especially if they are color coordinated with their favorite football team. You can go on the Nike website and pick what color you want.

Hunting kit is great for the handyman in your life, great for hunting because you know all the gross stuff they do out there, also you can almost always use a knife for something. 

Have you ever smelled this cologne?! If not you need to go to Ulta and smell it, it is amazing any man wouldn't mind smelling like that, I hope! ;)

Beer making kit because its a mens gift guide and it wouldn't be complete without beer. 

I'm sure you saw in my Thursday huddle post last week that the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team so if course this jersey has to be on the gift guide because any guy wouldn't mind getting a new jersey....heck I'd be happy with this gift!

Hope this helped if you were looking for any gifts for your man!


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