Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cold Weather Must Haves

I was born in San Diego, California and my parents moved my brother sister and I to Ohio when I was only two. I know that I should be used to the cold weather by now but i'm not! Obviously I am an Ohioan I was raised here but I am just not made for this cold weather so I'm going to share with you some of my cold weather must haves because in the winter I either hibernate or bundle the hell up.

My favorite thing to wear in the winter is an oversized sweater but I still like them to be cute. I'll throw on some skinny jeans, big sweater and a cute pair of boots and I will be warm and comfy all day. I am really loving this olive color this year and I really like the slits and how slouchy this sweater is. 

My feet and hands are always cold even in the summer my hands will be cold, so weird I know. I love to wear fuzzy warm socks they are just so cozy especially if you are laying around watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. 

These mittens are so cute as well as convenient they are convertible so you can wear them as mittens but if you need to do something like make a call or eat you can flip them up and you're fingers are free but still semi warm.

I am not a big hat person but in the winter it really helps keep my ears warm because nobody likes ear infections and I get them so easily so I have to keep my ears covered if it is super cold out. I love the knitted beanies they are so chic and warm and the poof on the top is the cutest! I couldn't pick between the two hats because I really like the white fuzzy one too. It reminds me more of an active wear winter hat though but still super cute.

I am obsessed with the Sperry Duck boots! They are so cute and of course they are going to keep your feet warm. You can wear them with a super cute outfit or to just go out and play in the snow. 

Of course you cannot forget hot chocolate. It is a staple in my house in the winter, I look forward to it all year round. As soon as the temperature drops I break out the hot chocolate maker which is super convenient. You just put water or milk and then hot chocolate mix turn it on and go. In a couple of minutes you will have nice warm hot chocolate without having to stand over the stover or put it in the microwave. I wish I could find another one because I have a feeling this one is about to go, I have had it since I was in high school. 

How cute is this trench! I still like to look cute in the winter even if I am freezing my butt off and this coat looks so warm and cozy but it is still so stylish. I love how it has the pleated leather to give some  dimension and design to a normally boring black trench. 

What are some of your winter must haves?



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