Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Beauty Mix

First of all where did the month of October go and why does it seem like it lasted like 2 minutes?! This week is the last week of the beauty mix for October and I am so sad, I hate to see all of the Halloween tutorials come to an end. This week I chose to do a skull with a gory wound. I really like how it turned out and it made me feel good when I went to the Halloween store to get my kids' costumes and I had several people compliment it and a group of girls like swarmed me asking how I did it and saying how much they loved it. I'm glad they all liked it because it took me about 3 hours to do!

Products used:
Clinique silk foundation in porcelain
RCMA no color powder
wet n wild white eyeliner (I used this to stencil everything out before I went in with the darker shades)
Black eyeshadow (I used the NYX 
Inglot No 77 gel liner
Mehron paint white and black (I recommend not using this paint once it dried it cracked and didn't look that great)
Liquid latex
Fake blood

This look is all about detail, shading and highlighting

These contacts were the hardest to put in I do not know how people wear contacts on a daily basis it took me 30 minutes to put them in and then my eyes wouldn't quit watering and then it made my nose run and took away some of my makeup. If you decide to get halloween contacts I would recommend trying them out before you do you makeup. 

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