Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Huddle

Every Sunday during football season the guys are going to be in the living room with the game on and when it comes to football Sundays in this house it wouldn't be the same if we didn't have the ultimate chips and dip which to us is buffalo chicken dip! I am always on the hunt for new recipes on Pinterest and suggestions from friends for game day but we always go back to this.  My whole family loves this stuff and everyone always says I have the best recipe which is funny because I don't really have a recipe I just throw everything together and add a little more of what I think it needs but for this post I will try and measure :).

 Doing what we do best! Always laughing and I think we were laughing here because the guys were making fun of the dish being to big for what we had 

Fresh chicken boil, grill or bake. Shred (I learned a new trick of putting the chicken in a mixer to shred it! life changing and effortless)
1 Package cream cheese I used three chicken breasts if you have more you can add another package of cream cheese
3/4 C Franks Red Hot buffalo sauce, you can use any buffalo sauce that you like but franks is my favorite
3/4 C Hidden Valley Ranch, I have tried off brands and it just doesn't taste the same
1/2 C Sour cream
2 Cups Shredded cheese divided

Step 1. Cook chicken, once chicken is cooked let it cool and begin to shred it.
Step 2. Add cream cheese into the shredded chicken and mix until the cream cheese is all mixed into the chicken
Step 3. Add the buffalo sauce, ranch and a little bit of the shredded cheese and mix. 
Step 4. Cover the top completely with the rest of the shredded cheese and bake 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes

This dish is seriously so simple yet so addicting, it is sure to be a hit at your next football party if it isn't already there! Serve it with some tortilla chips and you are good to go.

Funny story so as many times as I have made this dish I totally forgot the cream cheese when I made this specific one! I have no clue how I did that but I tried it and I was like this tastes different and I noticed the chicken was a lot different so when you make this the cream cheese makes such a difference!! Don't forget it like it did lol!!!! What better way to bring on football season than sharing your favorite things about football with everyone! So I bring you the #ThursdayHuddleParty with Jasmine from Jasmine Maria  where everyone can see how you celebrate football!  Be sure to link up every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month through football season.  I would love to have you and can’t wait to read about your favorite things about football! Meet Your Hosts: -Jasmine from The Jasmine Maria Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest   -Ashleigh from Trucks and Ruffles // Pinterest // Instagram // Twitter -Lexi from A Blissful Haven // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest -Andrea from Glam Hungry Mom // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest -Angie from Chasing My Halo // Instagram // Twitter // Pinterest // Facebook -Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest -Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas // Instagram // Twitter -Natasha from Lovely You Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram -Deynece & Melissa from Deux Bella // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest What You Can Link Up: *Anything Football Related such as, recipes to make for Game Day, fashion posts that relate to sportswear/Game Day/what to wear to games, memories relating to football, DIY Football Crafts, updates on your kids’ football games, etc. Linkup Rules (Guidelines):
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