Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Wish List and Favorites

I love everything about summer the popsicles, the watermelon juice running down little faces, arms and bellies and barefoot little toes running in the yard. We mostly spend our summers at the water parks or cooking out in the back yard and the most clothing worn is usually a swim suit. I have put together a list of adorable suits everyone needs in their summer collection. 

This one piece from Victorias secret is adorable. I have really been wanting at least one swimsuit that isn't a bikini because it would just be easier at the water park with the kids rather then a bikini I keep having to adjust because Bryleigh wants to be held and then give everyone a boob shot plus they have some super cute one pieces out right now! I am also loving this one from Target. None of us really need new suits but whenever I see a cute one out I usually get it for the kiddos but this year I haven't had to buy any for them my mom has been buying them anytime she sees a cute one for Bry she would pick it up. How cute is this little suit for Bry I love the fringe detail. These swimming trunks for Kaden are the best, they are so tropical and make me want to be sitting in the sand with a margarita or two in my hand! 

I'm sure you have all seen the adorable towels this summer the round ones that look like fruit or just really cute prints. I really want this watermelon towel. It just screams summer and I could see my kids out in the yard sitting on it enjoying a picnic. 

We like to think of new recipes to make homemade popsicles and these popsicle molds are perfect for that! Our favorite has got to be this one we found on pinterest. I love the blog I got these from as much as the popsicles she seems so sweet and has some great recipes!


  1. Super cute summer things. I'm in love with all the round blankets/towels this summer. I've yet to buy one but I'm loving the watermelon one! Sooo pretty!

    1. every time I go to buy the watermelon one it is sold out :( I really want it!