Friday, May 20, 2016

Fab Friday Favorites

I have been neglecting the blog a lot lately except for my one post a week for my collaboration, so I thought why not do a friday favorites. I have not done one of these in a while and I love writing these and reading what other people are loving lately. 

First up is this blush palette from Tarte. These blushes are amazing, so pigmented and so bendable and you don't need much so if you want this use a light hand. It is also a great deal this whole palette is $38 and one Tarte blush is $28!

Another blush palette that I think is just a great deal is this Benefit cheekathon. It has four blushes and one bronzer. I do not have this palette yet but I am planning on getting it real soon because I am running out of my Hoola bronzer and that is included in the palette along with some of the blushes I have been wanting to try. 

How cute is this shirt from Old Navy. Bryleigh loves popsicles, like she is obsessed she will eat them in the winter when everyone else is drinking hot chocolate to stay warm. This cute little popsicle shirt will also be perfect for the fourth of July! I love this shirt for Kaden it fits him because he is wild, and it reminds be of the beach. He loves these type of shirts with no sleeves. 

I have some trouble coming up with fun new ideas for meals so when I need a good recipe I go to Pinterest. I recently found this recipe and it looks delicious. I love pineapple and bbq together, I will be making this for dinner very soon and maybe this for dessert. Pinterest always has the most amazing recipes this dip looks sooo good!! 

what have you been loving lately?!



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