Friday, May 13, 2016

Colourpop Review (Liquid lipsticks)

I have been on a hunt for the perfect liquid lipstick lately and I have two brands that I have been obsessed with. The formulas are amazing and they wear so comfortable. I am only going to talk about one brand today and leave the other one for another post.

I placed an order with Colourpop and I knew I wanted to try some of their ultra satins and ultra mattes. I thought I got more of the mattes then I did but I have two mattes and and five satins and they are so long wearing and comfortable. The mattes are not drying at all, they do feel like they are starting to flake off but then when you look in the mirror they look exactly the same as when you first put them on. Even when they start to feel like they are flaking it isn't an uncomfortable feeling, I think I am just used to other liquid hippies drying out and flaking off. The satins have an amazing formula as well, not as long wearing but they still last for a while. They will transfer if you rub them but you will still have pigment on your lips. I wore one of these at work and I ate lunch, and drank a ton of water and when it started to come off it looked like I did they ombre look on my lips.


If you are thinking about getting any of these I definitely would. They are amazing, they last forever and they are only $5!! Say what?! So jump on over to Colourpop right now;) Let me know which ones are your favorite



  1. Beautiful colors! I'm curious about what marshmallow looks like on!

    1. if you check out my insta I have a picture wearing it! It's such a beautiful color!