Friday, March 4, 2016

How I changed My hair for the better!

TGIF! Am I right, this has been a long week and we are all finally over colds and sinus infections and whatever else has been going around. It is cold out today but I saw that Tuesday is supposed to be 69 degrees!!!!!  Hopefully since it is going to be warming up all the illnesses will stay away. 

Let's get into what this post is really about. Taking dry dull hair to soft, shiny, luxurious locks. The first thing I have been using that has changed my hair completely is coconut oil which you can find at any store. Sams club has a huge jar for like $10. I will take a spoon full of the coconut oil and rub it around in my hands to warm it up a bit that way I don't just get chunks of the CO in spots of my hair, I want it all throughout my hair. I will massage it in for a couple of minutes making sure every piece of my hair is covered and I will throw it up in a clip and let it sit for about 30 minutes or so before I get in the shower. I only do this about twice a month because I don't want oily hair I just want it soft and shiny. When I wash it all out I make sure to really scrub in the shampoo that way no coconut oil is left in my hair and then I will wash it once after just to get the greasy texture out. Then I just condition it as normal. Then before I get out of the shower I will take abut a nickel sized amount of the Nelson J beverly hills moisturizing mask and rub that all throughout my hair. You can also leave this on your hair for 10 minutes while you are in the shower but I am to impatient for that. It works just as well on my hair by doing it the way I have been. If you have dry hair I hope this helps you.

This looks like a lot but I have a lot of hair



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