Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Recap

I better start enjoying these free Saturdays that I have because now that it is starting to get warmer outside and Spring is upon us I will be a lot busier. I already have a few weddings booked and I can't wait to meet more brides. Anyway this weekend was so much fun we had fantastic weather which is amazing in January in Ohio! Hopefully this means no more snow and warmer weather is here to stay!

Saturday Travis went hunting so the kids and I went to the park. It was still a little muddy from the rain/snow the week before but they had a blast. Oh and of course I got stung by a bee! Right on my forehead, I guess that comes with the territory. That is the only thing I hate when it starts to get nice out again, the BUGS!!

Sunday we were supposed to go get a dog but the guy ended up selling it out from underneath us which I thought was pretty rude. I told Travis on the way home I said "it just wasn't meant to be" and I was right because Monday we went and picked up a chocolate lab which is what I have been wanting for like 5 years!! The rest of Sunday we took the kids to the park along with Molly our black lab but the wind started to get really chilly so we took the crew and headed to Mcdonalds to let them play for a little bit longer before heading home to relax.

 He had to show Camo off at school today!



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