Friday, February 19, 2016

Top 5 Best Things To Do For Your Skin

Crazy fact I learned- drinking from a straw causes wrinkles. Well I shouldn't say fact because I don't know if that is completely true. Anywho! I'm here to talk about the best things you can start doing for your skin, I can go on and on so I am just going to start with 5 here today. 

We all know that drinking water helps keep you hydrated but it also helps keep your skin dewy and healthy. Have you ever noticed your skin looking a little extra dull or tight? You are probably dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated it creates more oil to make up for the water you are missing which can lead to breakouts and irritation. Drink More Water!

Washing your face is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. One to get all the makeup off but even if you do not wear makeup throughout the day all the dirt and debris in the air can get into your pores and cause breakouts. A good skin care regimen is just great for anti aging, obviously it isn't going to stop it completely but it will slow it down a ton! I always wash my face morning and night. 

Moisturizer is also an important step in skin care even if you are oily. I've heard people say they are scared to use moisturizer because their skin is oily but that is just going to cause your skin to produce more oil. Moisturizer helps keep it all in balance. If your skin is moisturized it is going to look and feel so much healthier also healthier skin cells can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells so you want to keep moisturized.

Eye cream is very important. I use mine in the morning and at night. An eye cream helps to hydrate your under eye which in long term will help you not have so many wrinkles and fine lines. Have you noticed your under eye concealer creasing? Try an under eye cream you'll be amazed at the difference, just put it on when you put on your moisturizer and then do your makeup. We all want youthful glowing skin so we have to take care of it. 

Do not pop your pimples no matter how bad you want to! Ok, ok this is actually harder then it sounds because I catch myself all the time trying to pop a pimple that pops up but I have to stop! You can cause the more irritation, scabs, scars, discoloration all things you do not want. Popping pimples can also lead to infection if you do not properly do it. You are tearing the skin so that leaves it open for plenty of bacteria to get in and cause more harm.


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