Monday, February 29, 2016

An eventful weekend

Nice weather, sunshine and family time makes for the best weekends ever! Friday when Travis got off work we rushed the kids out the door and headed to the circus it was about an hour away so we had to hurry. We made it with a half hour to spare got the kids some popcorn, a drink and got settled into our seats. Surprisingly they weren't as into it as I thought they would be, once their popcorn was gone they wanted to get up and run around. Until the dirt bikes came out and then Kaden was glued. The dirt bikes were pretty cool riding around in a giant globe and then they added a fourth dirt bike! It was insane! During intermission they had animal rides and a bouncy house. The kids rode a camel! They had elephant and pony rides as well but I didn't feel quite comfortable yet with Bry getting on an elephant and they ride pony's all the time. While we were waiting in line Travis and I were joking saying "I saw a camel" if you have seen blended you know what were talking about! Bryleigh was fine until they fastened the rope around her and then she was scared, but as soon as the camel started moving she was all smiles, Kaden loved it of course! Kaden saw that they had snakes (they had booths with snakes for people to pose with for pictures) and he said I want to ride the snakes! haha um Kaden you can't ride a snake, crazy kid.

Saturday we just stayed around the house and the kids rode their power wheels and then Sunday we went to the park. We went to one of the neatest parks I have been to, it had a giant tree house, play houses and walking trails. The kids loved it and the weather was perfect. Bryleigh loved the Alice in Wonderland inspired playhouse which she hung out in with some other little girls and they had a little tea party, they all took turns running back and forth between the water fountain and the playhouse filling the tea pot. Kaden was playing conductor with the trains and running around the tree house with a little boy that he met there. We decided to go walk some of the trails and of course Kaden and Travis are looking at the deer tracks and showing me where the deer have been bedding down. Cool, let's get on with the walk now ;) 

He was explaining to her that she cannot just run up to every dog she sees and hug and pet them. She is obsessed with animals!
Have a great week!


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