Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A not so typical Valentines Day

We didn't really celebrate Valentines Day like most people did. We decided to take the kids to Scene 75 which is supposed to be the biggest indoor entertainment center or something like that! Our best friends went along as well. The place was so neat and as soon as the kids walked in their eyes lit up and so did Travis'. We went to the bar and grill as soon as we got there to get some food we all got chicken tenders. I know super romantic right?! We played so many games, won a ton of tickets and ate way to much. They even had a room full of bouncy houses and of course Bry wanted to go in there so we all took a break from the games and let her go jump. Kaden would occasionally go in and bounce for a little bit but then he would take a break, he has a cold right now so I think we was starting to feel it on Sunday and its just getting worse. We let the kids pick their prizes with all the tickets and headed out into the snow. It started snowing pretty good on our way home luckily the snow is cleared off the road and its supposed to be 60 here on Saturday!!

Happy Tuesday! Have a wonderful week



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