Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lazy weekend. It was nice because we rarely ever get those, we just laid around and pretty much did nothing. Travis and Kaden played their video games and Bry and I painted our nails, watched youtube videos and Cinderella about 7 different times. She just recently got hooked on Grease and wants to watch that continuously as well! Good thing she has great taste in movies, I'm just glad she is over the Grinch. 

Saturday was really the only day I had to get up and get ready because I had to work but what I do is fun I don't consider it working. I had the honor of doing one of my best friends makeup for her wedding day. The church was literally not even two minutes from my house so I got ready went and did her makeup and came back home to get in comfy clothes. I love how her makeup turned out, she is already pretty so I really just accentuated her features and did a soft smokey eye. She looked beautiful and her dress was gorgeous. 

Let me know if you want a tutorial on my makeup and hers! I had a brown smokey eye with an ombre lip, super easy!



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