Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentines Date Ideas

This probably isn't the best topic for me to be writing about because mine and Travis' dates usually consist of staying home drinking some wine and watching a movie. I'll think of some of the cute things we used to do until we became homebodies ;)

1. Dinner
One of my favorite things to do is get dressed up and go out for dinner even if it isn't to a fancy place. I think it is just fun to be able to get all done up and go out just the two of us. 

2.  Cooking together
Once I started working Travis started helping out around the house more often and he actually became a really good cook. We haven't really cooked a meal together and I think that would be a really fun date night idea!

3. Coffee Please
I am one of the million people that is obsessed with coffee, whats not to love! It's delicious, it warms you up and it gives me some extra energy when my two kiddos have drained it all. You could go to a coffee shop and sit and catch up over coffee. Simple, cute and Romantic.

4.  Ice Skating
Go Ice skating! I know one of my favorite things we used to do was go ice skating, Travis played hockey all through high school and I liked to pretend I was an olympic skater when they had ice skating at the beach ;) Trust me I was never that good but I had so much fun. 

5. Photoshoot
I am obsessed with documenting everything we do whether it be with pictures or video. Travis sometimes gets annoyed with all the pictures but I know we will look back one day and be happy we had them. So why not schedule a photoshoot just the two of you?! Get dressed up and do your hair and makeup and have your significant other get dressed nice too. You will be happy you had pictures done and it will be a fun bonding experience. 

I hope this helped with some fun out of the box date night ideas! Let me know any unique things you and your significant other do



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