Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday morning Coffee + favorites

Happy Saturday! I'm back for another coffee chat and some favorites from the week. Is it just me or did this week just fly by, maybe it was because we had a snow day on Tuesday,  i'm not complaining. Here's to a three day weekend. 

Of course one of my favorites has to be that I started a Youtube channel because I have been wanting to do this for so long and I finally started making videos. I never knew how nervous I would be talking in front of a camera even though it was just me and the camera. Let me warn you though if you watch the video I say like way to many times. 

I have always been obsessed with throw blankets and just big fluffy blankets and this knit confetti throw is just gorgeous. I just want to get it and curl up and drink my coffee. Maybe I can talk Travis into getting it for me for my birthday or something because the price is a little steep but it is so pretty! 

If you have been following my blog or my instagram @ashleighharrison2 you know that I am an avid coffee drinker, I cannot function without it. This crowned leaf mug is so whimsical and with the sweet sayings painted on the side you are sure to have a great morning. 

I have been on the hunt for some new bedding to revamp our bedroom because right now we are just using blankets I picked up at target on black friday. They are king size so they fit our bed but I want something that is going to make it look bright and colorful and this watercolor quilt is stunning. I am not usually a fan of floral bedding but I when I walked by this in Target the other day I immediately was drawn to it, it's beautiful. 

If you like Chai Tea as much as me you are going to love the recipe from this blog. Chai Tea from Starbucks is almost $5 if you get the Grande and that is just a little crazy to me that people spend that much on a drink every day, I always think of other things I could be spending my money on. So I took to pinterest and found a recipe that is so good. I have been making it everyday and I think it is just as good as starbucks. 

I have been scrolling through pinterest trying to find some fun things to do with the kids indoors now that it is winter. I came across this blog and they were talking about indoor camping. This would be so much fun, we could set up a little tent in the living room and make some s'mores. We will be doing this in the near future!

Have a terrific weekend everyone



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