Thursday, January 21, 2016

Makeup Organization

I am always looking for new makeup storage and organization, my job is makeup so when something new comes out I have to try it and of course I need a place to organize it. My makeup collection is small compared to beauty vloggers but I still like to make sure it is easily accessible to find different things that way I am not reaching for the same exact thing every day. I am really hoping that we are going to move in the spring and when we do I want to get the alex drawers from ikea for more storage because right now most of my makeup is in the drawers of my desk but I am starting to run out of room. Here is how I organize my makeup right now. 

Most of the little containers I have are from the dollar tree or the Target dollar bins. They all fit perfectly in the drawers and help keep my makeup organized. Honestly if I didn't have these containers it would all just be thrown in these drawers and impossible to keep nice and neat. 

My lipstick holder is from the container store I actually need to go get a couple more because my lipstick is all thrown in clear vase with a lid and I have to dig through it if I want a certain color. The containers make it easy to just grab which color you need, you can see each and every one. 

I would love to see how you organize and store all of your beauty products. Tag me on Instagram @ashleighharrison2



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