Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coffee Date

After I dropped Kaden off at school this morning around 9 I met up with my cousin down the street at the cutest little Cafe and Coffeehouse. We walked in and I immediately was like how am I just now coming here! The place was definitely my style; chalkboards on the wall, antique furniture they had the type of beverage dispensers (that I have to use at every party I throw) filled with lemonade and sweet tea. We picked the table with these cute little stools and Bryleigh kicked off her shoes and made herself right at home. 

The counter where you order was filled with all kinds of muffins, brownies and cookies in the cutest cake stands. They even had a gluten free option. Surprisingly Bry didn't want any of the cookies or muffins, chocolate milk please. 

Stacy and I sat and talked for two hours and Bry colored on the chalkboards and watched youtube videos. We both got the hazelnut flavored coffee but I ruined mine by putting skim milk in it instead of half and half. Oh well I will definitely go back, I texted Travis immediately and was like we need to come here for dinner one night! I'm pretty sure they only do dinner on Thursday and Friday and my cousin said you can bring your own beer in to have with your dinner how cool is that. If you are ever in the Lebanon, Ohio area check this place out!



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