Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

This year was a little different then our usual Thanksgivings we ended up going to Bob Evans with Travis' family instead of anybody cooking this year. The food was actually really good but we didn't have leftovers the next day which was just terrible that's the best having the leftovers from Thanksgiving the day before! After Bob Evans we headed to my friend Stephs house and we hung out with them the rest of the night. Kaden and Bryleigh love going over there to play with her boys. Stephine cooked a ton of food too so we ate over there later on in the day, clearly we ate way to much!

 I definitely got lucky in the in-law department

 These kids are always dressing up and the holiday wasn't going to stop them. They didn't have any girl costumes so Bry is wearing Stehpines wonder woman cape!



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