Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all had the Merriest Christmas! Another amazing holiday that came and went way to fast. We enjoyed time with family and eating way to much. 

Christmas Eve was a day full of baking and getting everything together for the next morning. Travis and I stayed up till about 2 in the morning playing Santa, next year I will have a better game plan and start wrapping earlier. We would have been up until the next morning if our friends Megan and Dustin didn't come over the day before Christmas Eve and help put power wheels together and wrap presents. Thanks to you guys! 

Christmas morning Bryleigh was up before everyone just like every morning, I woke up and she is on my phone watching youtube, she's 2! Shortly after Kaden woke up and it was time to go see what Santa brought. The kids were so excited to see all the presents, Kaden got everything on his wishlist he was so happy he got the dirtbike he asked for and Bry just wanted baby dolls. I also got her a set of little cosmetics makeup hoping that she will stay out of mine and she loved it! She did her makeup, her mamaws and even her papaws makeup. Christmas Eve Kaden told me that Kaden brought him a dirtbike; I was so worried that he saw it and the surprise was ruined so I said how do you know that Kaden, he said "because thats what I asked for" haha! 

When we went to Ikea to pick up the castle tent I originally went for the circus one and they were completely sold out. The guy told Travis they sold 2,000 of them the week before! 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and eating. We went over to my parents house to open gifts and eat Christmas lunch/dinner. Their coffee table was full of every single thing you could think of from cookies and fudge and homemade rice krispie treats to crackers and cheese, salami and cream cheese rolls and that was just snacks before dinner! I feel like I need to do a cleanse now from all the food from the holidays. The rest of Christmas day was spent relaxing at home with Christmas movies on and letting the kids play with their new toys. 

Have wonderful week!


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