Friday, December 11, 2015

Giving Back

Kaden came home from school the other day with a red gift bag full of cupcake mix, sprinkles, icing and a cute note with a prayer from the Sunday school kids at his preschool. I just thought that was the sweetest, that they took the time to make all of those goodie bags for Kadens class. It really made me want to get out this year and give back and get the kids involved. We don't live in a subdivision but we could make some festive treats to give to Kadens teachers and maybe take a few around to other places! We had so much fun making the cupcakes together. One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to be in the kitchen with my kids and they love it as well! They enjoy making messes and getting sticky and of course eating the treats they have just made.

 No he is not getting ready to stab me he was excited that he was going to stir the batter ;)
 Bry sneaking a taste
 and another

I might have been a little crazy to let them decorate them all by themselves since I will be sweeping up sprinkles for months!! but it was so worth it, these are the best kind of memories.



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