Monday, October 12, 2015


Every year I try to get the Sauerkraut festival that is held in Waynesville, Ohio to at least get some sauerkraut pizza. I'm starting to think it isn't even worth going anymore even for that, this year the pizza was cold and way undercooked, you could barely move and anytime I would try to look at anything a swarm of people would walk up or by where we couldn't even get to anything. So we only stayed long enough to get the pizza and Kaden an Icee (Bryleigh was sleeping). We also try to go to a couple of pumpkin patches every year. I love them and the kids love them we always have a blast! After the sauerkraut festival we headed back towards the house and stopped at Irons Fruit Farm on the way. I don't know what it was about Sunday but there were so many people, I have never seen that many people at a pumpkin patch at the same time it was insane but we still had so much fun! We went on a hayride bumped into one of my brothers friends and his family and their cute new puppy, picked out a pumpkin, played on the playground and a tractor. The tractor was supposed to be a little barrel train thing that pulls the kids around in but part of it fell off so I guess they were done for the day haha! 

Happy Monday Friends!


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