Thursday, October 15, 2015

Field Trip

Kaden had a field trip with his preschool today at a pumpkin patch I decided to go along since I love pumpkins patches it was close to our house and of course Kaden asked me to go and I couldn't tell him no. We went on a hayride, picked out the perfect pumpkins and enjoyed some apple cider and some delicious doughnuts made at the farm. It was actually at the same place we went on Sunday, I didn't realize his field trip was going to be there until the day before when I looked at the calendar. Oh well we can never get enough of Irons Fruit Farm, if you are ever in Ohio I would check it out! We stayed a little while after Kadens class left so the kids could play for a few and burn off some energy. When they were ready to go (more like I had to act like I was leaving so they would follow me) we bought a half gallon of apple cider and went and got some lunch. Kaden and Bryleigh wanted Mcdonalds, I tried talking them into getting lunch and going to a park but they wanted to play there. We ended up running into one of Kadens classmates there as well. Can't wait to have a pumpkin decorating night this weekend with our new pumpkins!



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