Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Birthday Weekend

This weekend was filled with way to much cake, ice-cream and junk food along with great friends and lots of laughing. Saturday was my actual birthday, Travis had to work and Kaden wanted to go to the beach water park with his Grandma so Bryleigh and I headed over to Kings Island. We rode a few rides together (whichever ones Bryleigh wanted to ride because she will definitely let you know), ate lunch and had blue ice cream. If you have never had Kings Island blue ice cream you are missing out it is the best! 

When we got home from Kings Island Kaden got there about 10 minutes later and it was almost time for Travis to get off work. He came home with a birthday cake (my parents also got me a birthday cake when they got back in town a few days later so we had way to much cake) and we ran to Target to get some drinks and snacks. Our good friends came over for a fire and some games. We played the drinking game kings and it was hilarious especially with my our group  seriously I have some crazy and hilarious friends. We went out and sat by the fire for about ten minutes until we all realized it was just way to hot to be sitting by a fire. We ended the night with a movie and relaxing. 

Have a fabulous week


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