Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello Fall

While I do love summer I am so excited that it is officially Fall! No more Mosquitos and hello 75 degree weather! Well today was 81 but 75 degrees is in the near future. This summer flew by but it was so much fun. Fishing trips, all the possys (popsicles), camping and the water park was pretty much what our summer was made of. We have been having a lot of picnics now that the weather is cooling down because lets be honest nobody wants to sit outside and eat in 90 degree weather while getting ate by bugs! I swear Bryleigh went from being a baby to a full on running, talking twonager this summer we got her paci from her, she was potty trained and she turned two and Kaden went from toddler to little man he literally acts like he is 18 and can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants; like when he decided to shave to strips in his hair with Travis' electric razor!  He's lucky he is cute!

Happy Fall


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