Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sunday and Monday Fun Day!

One of my friends that I used to cheer with in High school is finally getting married after 8 years! Sunday some of us girls went to a bridal show with her, she got plenty of ideas and potential photographers and venues for her wedding while we all walked behind her sampling all of the yummy cupcakes and samples. I remember going to these things for my wedding and she was right there with me and now we are there for her! After the bridal show we met up with the guys and went for a ride out to one of the most gorgeous lakes I have seen in Ohio.

Monday we took the kids to the Kings Island water park and to my surprise there wasn't very many people there! Lucky for us:) I got to spend time in the wave pool with Bry while she ran through the shallow area and dodged the waves and Travis took Kaden to ride the slides. Later on we met up and all swam in the wave pool together, it was so nice having a relaxing day just the four of us after all of the crazy busy schedules we have had lately.

Bryleigh's first big water slide



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