Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Kaden starts preschool September 2nd. He could not be anymore excited and I am glad to have some time with just Bryleigh and I because he has really been testing my patients lately. I know I am going to miss him so much but it is good for him to get out and learn from someone else, he just refuses to sit down and learn numbers, letters etc. I'm hoping this will be really good for him.

On Monday night he had orientation. He was able to meet his teachers and his classmates, they even took a little tour of the church/school. While Kaden was touring the school Bryleigh was running up and down the halls, coloring and stamping herself and throwing an occasional fit because she wanted her bubby! It seemed as if every parent was staring at us because their kids were sitting down being good but you know that their kids do not always act like that. Travis and I tag teamed taking her out to the hallway and let her get out some energy and play while one of us stayed in the classroom to listen to all of the information about Kadens first year at preschool. They seem to take a lot of field trips and I like that is teacher takes a lot of pictures since I won't be there to take them. Is it sad to say that I am looking forward to that 2 1/2 hour break while he is in school?



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