Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday beauty loves

I have a week left of esthetician school and I cannot wait! I have been doing some freelance makeup work but I just want to be done and pass state board. I am always trying out all kinds of new skin care products and plenty of new makeup.

My first beauty favorite is this Mac lipstick in the color Kinda Sexy, I bought one and then 4 days later Bryleigh destroyed it, of course I had to order a new one. It is a gorgeous brownish nude and I love my nude lipsticks! You cannot go wrong with this one.

I have also been loving this eye cream from Bobbi Brown. I got it as a sample from Nordstrom when I ordered my lipsticks but I am going to have to go purchase it. It is a hydrating under eye cream and with my normal/dry skin I need all the hydration I can get. The formula is amazing it doesn't leave the skin greasy and it brightens my under eyes. If you have dry skin or just want to brighten under those eyes I would try this product!

Bryleigh has her days where she will let me sit down and fix her hair and sometimes I have to bribe her or just forget it all together. I don't like to brush her hair when it is wet because 1. It isn't good for it and 2. She has curly hair so it just makes the curls frizz. When I went into salon centric and saw that they had wet brushes on sale for $5 I was sold! $5! I should have picked up a few but hey I can always go back. This brush just makes it so much easier to brush her hair and it doesn't pull or damage her wet hair or mine.

One more thing that I have to mention is the Ofra highlighter. It is my holy grail highlighter I switch between Ofra and Mary-Lou Manizer by the balm but I think the Ofra one stands out a bit more. It is just a bam highlight! I actually received it in my boxycharm and one of my friends dropped it and it shattered every where, but she ordered me a new one, even though I told her it was fine. If you want your cheek bones to pop this highlight is going to do that for you.

Are there any amazing makeup products that I should try?! Let me know:)

Have a fantastic weekend


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