Monday, August 17, 2015

A weekend in pictures

This was actually all from last weekend but for some reason it didn't post so here it is!
Surprise birthday party Saturday night thrown by my amazing friend Megan for her husband. He had not a clue about the party, they pulled in and we were all there to surprise him. Good job Megan, it was a fun night.

Sunday was a lazy day we literally did nothing besides hang out at the house and let the kids play and paint.

Monday was a fun filled day at KI. Bryleigh got to ride a few more rides in kiddie land then she normally would be able to. Her shoes gave her an extra half inch to be able to get the yellow bracelet. She loved it!

Ending the day with some candy from the sweet spot shop, which is one of the cutest candy shops. It just reminds me of something that you would see in Gatlingburg, Tennessee.



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