Monday, July 13, 2015

Our 4th of July

This post was supposed to go up that Monday after the 4th, but you know how that is . What's not to love about the 4th of July; cookouts, summer, sparklers, fireworks, and family. The 4th is definitely a special holiday for us now since Bryleigh was born the day before, she is our little firecracker. Our holiday went a little something like this.

Festival and fireworks (the 3rd which is also Bry's Birthday)

  Festive ice cream sandwiches
you can see the picture on instagram if you follow me @ashleigh_harrison2
 Cousin photos

 Spending time with family 
Reds game 

Travis was given Reds tickets to the game on the 4th of July. He felt obligated to use them so we went, never again on a holiday will I go to a sports game I love the Reds and all but I would have had so much more fun with my kiddos plus the Reds played terrible we left before the game was even over. My parents took Kaden and Bryleigh to the fireworks in town and we got home shortly after, picked up the kids and headed to bed. It was a long but fun filled day! 

Hope y'all had a wonderful 4th! 


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