Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bryleigh Rose is TWO!

A Daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and LOVE with all your heart. 

Miss Bryleigh oh it is so easy to do all of those things with you. You are such a joy to me, your dad and anyone who meets you. Your smile, your goofy personality and your diva moments are all things that make my day better. I love that you love everything I do already! When I'm doing my makeup you have to be holding some type of makeup as well, your shoe obsession is a little bit worse than mine but that's ok Daddy usually gets you anything you want. You know all you have to do is bat those big gorgeous brown eyes. You have your daddy wrapped around your finger and I know he wouldn't have it any other way.

Age: 2 
Favorite things: SHOES, makeup, being outside and being in your car seat. Even if the car is not moving you like to sit in your carseat. Molly! You will not go to sleep without your best friend Molly.
Favorite Food: Popsicles, fruit, pizza, fruit snacks, Cheerios, cheese puffs 
Clothing: wearing a size 2t in most things but can wear a few 3t outfits. We get most of your clothes from carters, old navy, target and baby gap. 

You are talking up a storm, I think you learn a new word every day as well as grow everyday! I love the way you have your own little language but I know exactly what you are saying and what you want. 

I cannot believe that you are already two years old! Time just needs to slow down and you need to quit growing up so fast. You are so independent you barely even let me help you get dressed anymore unless you get an arm stuck or can't get your shoes on right. 

You love your brother so much but you guys sure can fight. Especially in your sleep, sound asleep and you guys hit each other and he cannot touch you or roll over next to you or you scream.....quite the grump when your sleeping Bry.

Let the terrible twos begin! ...........


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