Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our weekend and a snow day

This weekend was pretty laid back, Travis is on vacation for a whole week so we are soaking up every minute with him. Saturday was my first time going hunting! Of course we woke up and it was pouring the rain but where we went hunting the rain had stopped. I was so surprised I liked it, it was such an adrenaline rush even though I didnt shoot anything (I don't have my hunting license yet, so I could't shoot) but just watching and waiting for a deer to appear and enjoying the peace and quiet in the woods was so much fun.

Sunday we went to our friends house to help them around their house a little bit, well more like Travis helping put stuff in the attic while I was the wrangler of crazy children trying to get into everything at a non baby proofed house. It was also a great day the cowboys won! Of course my husband was glued to the couch while the game was on, hopefully they bring it this week against Green Bay.

Monday Travis went hunting, I had a meeting for work and spent some time with the kiddos and cleaned out all of the clutter in Bry's room. Kaden's room really needs to be cleaned and decluttered but that is for another day when we have all day to work on it because it looks like a tornado just went through it and I just get over whelmed any time I walk in there! Today we woke up to a bed of snow. We all got dressed in our layers and headed out the door. Kaden went sledding with my dad and my nephew Hunter while we ran to rural king to get Kaden some new gloves. We decided to go and get another deer that way we are stocked up, we got there around 3:30ish and we were there till around 6 and did not see 1 deer until we got in the truck and drove away, of course there were four on the side of the road!!! Really?! At least we still have the rest of the week with Travis home and hopefully we will tackle some of the things needing to be done around the house.

Have a great week!


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