Thursday, January 15, 2015

Giving Up

Have any of you ever had days where your children listen to nothing you say? Yesterday was one of those days for me, Kaden did not want to do anything I said or listen to a word I said. It was like he woke up and thought he was going to torture me all day! Bryleigh and I woke up and made breakfast, about 30 minutes later Kaden woke up and wanted cartoons. He always lays in bed and yells "MOMMY I WANT CARTOONS"! He was being so sweet I had no idea 15 minutes later he would turn into the Tasmanian devil. I walked out into the living room and he had every cushion and pillow ripped off of the couch jumping on them and then he brought every chair in from the kitchen and taped his parachute to them to make a "house" as he called it. This is when I just gave up and went with the Let them be little mentality. He was having fun and thats all that mattered, who cares if my living room was a mess and he was jumping on my furniture. 

He is so sweet when he is sleeping

Later on he wanted lunch so I made them mini corndogs and mandarin oranges, I turn my back for a second and he reaches over and takes all of his sisters food. He said "i'm really hungry" he didn't even end up eating all of his he just wanted to be mean to Bryleigh. Fast forward a  few hours and he is in the kitchen tearing apart a box and coloring on it, he was having fun with that as well as letting his sister play with him. 

I'm hoping today is going to be better then yesterday. Being cooped up in the house because of the weather doesn't help. Have a wonderful Thursday!


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