Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Eventful Weekend

Travis had to go back to work today after having him off for a whole week! We had a pretty good weekend, Friday was just a relaxing day at home and I made chicken pot pie in cupcake form it was so good. You can fine the recipe here . I had a ton of the chicken mix left over so for the next night I threw it in a casserole dish and just put the biscuits on top.  

Saturday we had a family get together at my husbands grandparents house for his Pa's and his moms birthday. I always love going over there his grandparents are so sweet and the kids always have so much fun. His Pa made homemade gluten free pizza, I kind of liked it better then regular pizza. 

 B and her great mimi

 Kaden and his Grandma (Travis' mom)

Sunday we had a friends daughter's 2nd birthday party to go to, luckily they had the game on upstairs because thats where Travis was the whole time he wasn't going to  miss a cowboys game, unfortunately they lost to the packers but at least it was a close game. When we got home we relaxed for a bit and then Kaden brought out some of his nerf guns for us all to play with. We were all running through the house having a blast, then Travis and I were standing in the kitchen walk way talking and then all of a sudden Kaden ran full force trying to play and I not thinking anything of it moved out of the way and bam!! Right into the corner of the wall with his forehead, Travis picked him up real quick and immediately said oh my god he is going to need stitches! My heart dropped when he picked him up and turned him over, the gash that was in his forehead was unbelievable and there was blood everywhere. I scooped him up threw some pants and a coat on him and we took him straight to the emergency room. As soon as we got in the truck he was talking about hunting, that kid is so tough he only cried for literally a minute. When we arrived Travis dropped us off at the front since it was cold and rainy, there was a family standing in front of us and their little girl did the exact same thing except she ran into a dresser! They got us back there pretty quickly and came in and checked on him and got all his vitals. Everything thing was fine except for the big hole on his forehead. One of the nurses came in and was drawing pictures on the sheets for Kaden and he loved it, he drew him Olaf, a ninja turtle and mickey mouse, other nurses were saying they would get the sheets back with some of his artwork on it after they had been washed I thought it was pretty neat. A nurse and a nurse practitioner came to check on Kaden after they had put the numbing medicine on his gash, they were so nice they were keeping him calm and he was doing exactly what they said (that is rare for Kaden) he laid down and one nurse was talking to him and holding his head behind him just trying to keep him comfortable, I was at the end of the bed so I could see him Travis was on the other side and my dad showed up to see Kaden as soon as he heard what had happened so he was standing next to me, Kaden loves his papaw.  They told him every time they were going to do a stitch which I think made it a lot better for him. He did not cry once while he was getting stitches he just laid there he would squish his face every now and then and one time toward the end he did say it hurt but he was so good, they said he did better then most adults and they were amazed. They finished and I heard the nurse say can you get some popsicles in room 11 stat, and a guy showed up holding a handful of popsicles. Kaden was eating his and when he was almost done he said here "mommy you want to trade" (I had just opened mine) he had a tiny little piece on his I said "sure bub fair trade lol" so he got two popsicles but he deserved them that kid amazes me each and every day. The next morning when he got up he ran straight to the mirror to look at it and we will catch him at the end of the hallway looking in that mirror all the time, he smiles and says its so cool. When Travis tried to give him a shower because they said he can't be submerged in water so no baths, heres a little bit how their conversation went.
Kaden "I don't want a shower I want a bath!" 
Travis "you have to or that won't heal"
Kaden "I don't want it to heal!" 
hahahahah he loves it being there 


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