Friday, January 9, 2015

18 month update

Where did my little baby go, I now have this sassy little girl! Bryleigh has one of the biggest hearts, she is so sweet yet has a big attitude. This girl tries to do anything and everything her brother does she watches and repeats it all so he has been getting in trouble a lot more for hitting because then she will hit him back or hit someone else. It is so much fun being around her, she lights up a room with her adorable smile and the sweetest little voice. 

Favorite Foods: bananas, FRUIT SNACKS, chicken nuggets, cheerios there isn't really much she will not eat but her food has to be kind of cold or she won't touch it.
Clothing: B is wearing 18-24 months. Right now it is super cold out so she has been living in warm comfy clothes but when we go out she usually has a cute top and little jeggings or a dress with leggings and of course she always has to have shoes since her obsession is getting even worse;)
Activities: running around with her brother, tearing all of the dvd's out of the cabinet and throwing them all over the floor, she loves to play with her new kitchen that Santa brought her, taking a bath she would sit in their for hours if we let her, walking around growling at me it is the funniest thing! 

 Bry likes to walk around and give kisses and she gives the cutest little kisses ever, if you are leaving she will blow kisses and go muah really loud or she will give you a kiss and go muah and throw her head back. She can be the sweetest most of the time but the second she doesn't get her way she cries, sometimes throws things and she has started smacking people, any great suggestions on how to get her to stop that because we have tried everything. I love to see her and Kaden playing and getting along,  if only it would last more then 5 minutes.  I just think it is the sweetest when she hears Travis come home from work and she will run to him yelling daddy and it is so adorable the way she says it.  She is also a papaws girl, she loves my dad so much and they both just make each other smile so much.

My how you've grown!
Bryleigh you are one of the most amazing little girls, you are such a joy to be around and make each and every day a little better. We love you so much sweet girl don't ever change. 


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