Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa and a horse parade!

Every year the little town of Lebanon, Ohio hosts a horse drawn carriage parade it is said to bring in around 200,000 people each year. They do a day time show and one at night the day time is so much nicer but the lights at night on the wagons are so pretty. We met up with my good friend Amber her two kids and her husband and when we get all of those kids together it is a show all in its own! We were constantly saying Kaden and Landen get back on the sidewalk. I'm sure the lovely couple sitting next to us just loved that the boys kept jumping right in their way even though they never said anything, we had to say every 2 seconds please get over here out of their way, and then Bryleigh tried to join in although she really just wanted to ride the horses! She had a complete melt down when we told her no that she couldn't. It was pretty cold, as soon as the last horse went by we all booked it out of there to our vehicles. 

We also took the kids to see Santa and that went exactly like I had imagined! Kaden had a half grin thing going on which really looked like he was thinking alright I'm done can I go now and B she walked up there like she was just going to sit there and look all cute for the picture until Travis picked her up and set her down on Santas lap then here came the tears her little belly hanging out and all, which I asked Travis to fix and he said shh she's being good I'm not messing with her....hah yeah she looked like she was being good in the picture! Poor Santa dealing with crying kids all day long I think every kid in line behind us under the age of 3 was crying. We went to see the Santa at Bass Pro since Travis loves that store and I kind of secretly do too! They had a really neat set up for the kids including crafts, toy trains, remote control monster trucks and even shooting (pretend of course);).


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