Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kaden and Bryleigh's Christmas wish list

I cannot believe there are only 21 days until Christmas. There are a few new traditions I want to start with the kids since they are a little bit older (well Kaden can enjoy them B will have no clue what is going on.) One thing she will enjoy though is ripping through all of her presents!

We have decided to cut back on Christmas presents this year not only do we want our children growing up knowing the real meaning of Christmas but we also can barely walk into Kadens room some days! It is like a bomb went off!
We both have agreed that they each get one big present and a few small things here and there. I was so excited to see Oliviaanncollections having a sale on their lace crowns, I ordered this one for Bry. We're going to get her a few headbands and the cutest little moccasins for her stocking. I can not think of anything else to put in a stocking for her so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!
Kaden wants that kinetic sand that has been advertised all over tv and I found a dinosaur dig one at toys r us, he is going to love it! I'm hoping it really is mess free like they say or easy clean up. For their big gifts we decided this kitchen would be great for Bryleigh I found it in hot pink, you pay more for that color but I loved it!  I was a little disappointed with the size it is pretty little. We are probably going to  get her a few little accessories to go with it like some pots and pans etc! Kaden's big gift is going to be a tool bench I really want Travis to build one because I haven't seen any that I really like and the plastic ones Kaden would break instantly. We still have a few more things to get for them and other family members So Travis and I are going to go out one day and get some more shopping done oh I know he is just so excited;)

What all are you getting your little ones?!
Have a fantastic Thursday


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