Thursday, November 20, 2014

16 month update + life lately

I have taken a little bit a blogging hiatus lately. We have just been so busy with planning Kaden's birthday party and the holidays coming up. Fall is always super busy for us, going to pumpkin patches, Halloween (I made B's costume this year which was very time consuming) and if you follow me @ashleigh_harrison2 then you seen she went as batman and Kaden as spiderman. We were supposed to go as  a superhero family but I didn't get around to making mine and Travis' costumes. I figured I would jump back into the blogging world with an update on B and all the new things she is doing.

 Bryleigh is a very strong willed, opinionated toddler who knows exactly what she wants (did I just say toddler:(.) If she doesn't want something she will let you know and if she isn't happy then nobody is! The other night she lost her paci right before bed and we couldn't find one anywhere even though that morning she was carrying around 3! Well anyway since we could not find a paci she did not want to sleep at all so she was up about every hour, and when Travis tried to rub her head in the middle of the night she turned around and screamed at him like full on angry toddler scream. Don't mess with that girl when she is tired no paci and is fighting her sleep.  She can also be the sweetest ever, she loves to give kisses, she will randomly come up smacking her lips in the cutest little way. She loves to cuddle which I also love that she likes to cuddle:)

Favorite things right now
Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, chicken, fruit, cheerios, spaghetti and yogurt
Clothes: wearing size 18 months and a few 24 months depending on the brand. Its cold right now so vests and cute boots are our jam. 
Shoes: This girl is obsessed with shoes so they needed their own category. She will bring you her shoes anytime she spots one and if they are at the top of her closet she will sit and point until you get them down for her, and then you have to put them on her. She has also tried to put more than one pair of shoes on at a time.
Activities: Playing with Kaden and her baby dolls. Literally running everywhere. Loves to play peek a boo and hide and seek. This girl can dance, anytime music comes on she is rocking back and forth or up dancing all over the room. 
Seriously the cutest thing ever anytime someone is clapping whether it be on tv or in person she starts clapping and smiling so big. Loves bath time and making mess (but what toddler doesn't right?!)
She has 12 teeth and we have really gotten lucky with both of our kids, neither one has been super grumpy when teething.
I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since Bryleigh is old enough to eat everything and tear into her presents with Kaden. It is going to be so much fun watching them together Christmas morning. We have lots of fun things planned but that is a post for another day.

Bryleigh Rose Mommy, Daddy and Bub love you so so much.



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