Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend and t-ball

Saturday when Travis got home from work we went to our good friends house for pizza and drinks (Travis drank I was going to be driving home). Amber and I were enjoying the girl time and letting the kids play (our daughters are a month apart and our boys are a year apart so they all play great together!) then all of a sudden we start getting hit with darts from all different directions! The boys were shooting the dads the dads were shooting back until I got one of the nerf guns, I had pretty good aim. We would all hide around corners and such, I think I got Travis about 5 or 6 times! All of the kids fell asleep so we all sat around and talked for a few before we headed home.

 "Hey Mom"
The younger boys didn't slow down enough to get a picture of them.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for my husbands co workers daughter. It was tangled theme so they were all in prom dresses and the birthday girl was in a princess dress. There was hot dogs, lemonade and cupcakes....Bryleigh loved the cake and Kaden asked if he could take two home with him.

 He was fishing!
 [Romper from Zara // Sold Out]
 [Bow BubandBdesigns on etsy]

Kaden had his first T-Ball practice yesterday! I really thought he would do well but he kind of got bored out on the field it could be because the coach only had them throwing tennis ball to each other??! I thought maybe they would have a T to let them hit off of for a little bit and throw the little softballs they use not just throwing tennis balls the whole time but I'm no coach who knows! (The other moms agreed with me though) With children that young they have to be interested to keep them paying attention.

He led the break.....I'm not even sure if the coach said to take a break at that time but who is going to tell them no....it was hot and they were thirsty.
She didn't like that she couldn't go out on the field with her daddy and brother
 Oh! and there was a deer in our yard yesterday. 

She was just getting some apples from our apple tree.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, I am going to be taking care of a sick husband and a teething baby


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