Monday, August 25, 2014

Our weekend

Happy Monday!
This weekend went by way to fast, Saturday we were over in the house we will be living in for a few months painting and trying to get it ready for the carpet to be installed today. I'm hoping by time I get off work (my very first day of work!) it will be done. So that about sums up our Saturday nothing to exciting. Sunday however my good friend Stephanie's son Noah turned 3! He had a firetruck party. She said I went above and beyond for Bryleigh's party but she did an amazing job on Noah's. There was even a real Firetruck that Kaden got to ride in and he loved it. The firemen let the kids spray the hose and even showed them what all they have to put on to put out fires every kids eyes were right on the firemen! 

 Kaden and the birthday boy!

He was in heaven riding in that firetruck!

 The decorations were awesome she even had the windows decorated with flames (fake of course;)!) All of the kids got their own hats, badges,cups with their name on them, and even a stuffed animal Dalmatian. The food was delicious and thank goodness Travis got to go since he birthday parties are usually on a Saturday and he works so I got to enjoy a glass or two of sangria:)

Thanks for inviting us to your wonderful party Steph:)
Have a great week everyone!


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