Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Weekend

We decided to go to Kings Island this weekend thinking that all of the kids have gone back to school so it would be a good time to go apparently a lot of kids did not have school Friday because the place was packed! There was barely any parking and there were way to many people, but we still had a lot of fun. The kids always have a blast at KI we went to the water park Friday and Saturday we went to the rides side. 
 (She stole someones slushie)
 Got their name on a coke can

Saturday turned into a disaster after we left KI and headed home. I pulled in the driveway, got the kids out, (both were sleeping) carried them up to the house and laid them down. This is where the night took a turn for the worst. I walked downstairs to let Molly out of her cage and to let her outside, I completely forgot that I locked the back door because when I carried Bryleigh in I laid her in her car seat by the dining room table and I didn't want the door wide open with me being downstairs. So I go to close the basement door and right as I pulled it shut I realized what I had just done! I was locked out of my house while both of my kids (and my phone) were inside! I tried everything to get in the house I tried carding the door, banging on the living room window to try and wake up Kaden but trying to do it discreet enough not to wake B, yep none of that worked. So I sat by the backdoor so I could hear if one of the kids got up or if Bryleigh started to cry. Travis was on an outage down at the Bengals Stadium so while he is walking into rooms with Anthony Munoz (Ok he actually accidentally walked in one of the camera rooms where Anthony Munoz was on accident) and other football players I am locked outside with no way to even get a hold of him! Thankfully he got home about an hour and a half later and the kids were still sleeping. I was ready to just go in, go to bed and get that day over with!

 Grumpy Kaden was more then ready to go to bed, until the ride started

Sunday was a relaxing day of eating junk food, watching movies, (we watched The Other Woman which was hilarious) and drank a couple drinks. If you have never tried Redds Strawberry Ale then you should go to the store and pick some up they are good. 

Happy Monday Y'all
Have a fantastic week!


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