Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home Decor Planning

As of right now we are in the process of looking for homes to buy. The house we both really love
will not be on the market for about a month or two. (We've been talking to the people) For now we are going to be leasing a house from my dad's friend it's nothing huge but it definitely beats getting sucked into a lease and missing out on the house we want.

I have been all over Pinterest pinning away! I have started picking up things here and there that go with the beach theme I want to do and looking on Pinterest for some inspiration.

My favorite part about the home is the back deck, it is pretty good size and I have big plans for it. Of course one side is going to have the grill and patio table but the other side I want to be a relaxing spot we can go to on summer mornings and enjoy iced coffee and let the kids play. 
This is seriously a dream deck and it is where I would spend most of my time.

I know we are going to have to do a lot of painting and probably floors with any house we get but that's OK because I have pinterest:) I really love this kitchen, I like how it is bright and will go with the beach theme I am going to be doing throughout the entire house (minus bedrooms). I like the back splash and especially the floors!
I want the dining room to tie in with the kitchen really well and I found this gorgeous dining room.
I already have a dark dining table I will be buying new chairs, we don't like the chairs that came with the table and they are not kid friendly. Kaden has already broken one of them. I would add a little more color to this room though maybe teal or light blue.
I cannot wait until we get this house or any house for that matter and can start doing all of these gorgeous things to it. Hopefully the process doesn't take to long but the mortgage person we have been dealing with has been pretty slow.
Wish us luck;)


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