Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I start a new job on Monday and I am so nervous! I haven't worked since Kaden was born. I have loved every moment of being home with these two, the chaos and all;). I wasn't planning on working until the kids are both in school but a good opportunity came around and I could not pass it up. Luckily my parents live  about 10 minutes away and my mom is going to be watching the kids for us.
Today was my last week day of being a stay at home mom I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun with the kids but the weather stopped that. We met Travis for lunch at chick fil a let the kids play and burn off some energy and then headed to Ikea! I ordered some prints for Bryleigh's room a few weeks ago and they needed frames. Before all that I had to stop by Hobby Lobby to get a few things and Kaden is going through the store trying to get everything, and when we get up to check out I told him he was not getting anything because he didn't behave so what does he do?! He hides and opens a pack of fruit snacks and a pack of oreos, which i had to buy since he had just opened them!! Take note go to hobby lobby alone. 

 The best way to shop when one is sleeping and the other is tired, oh don't worry this didn't last long!

Has anyone checked out Carter's new fall clothes, I am really loving all of the camouflage that is out. One of my favorite pieces is this outfit for Bryleigh minus the shoes they have with it, this dress is also adorable! Kaden needs some more camo too and this shirt is perfect. He also needs a new pair of converse for fall, he lost his last pair well one of them at least.  

I really like that my work attire is business casual so I will get to still where jeans and cute tops I am going to miss pretty much living in my yoga pants though. I think I might hit up Marshalls and TJ Maxx this weekend for a few new work outfits.

Have a terrific weekend!


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