Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First T-Ball Game

Happy Hump Day!
Yesterday Kaden had his very first T-Ball game  and team pictures. He was so exited to play until the game started. It was about the third inning and he is standing out by Travis (Travis is one of the coaches) and here he comes storming off the field before the other team even finished batting. He threw his glove and hat down on the field and said "I don't want to play anymore, I'm done!" He decided it was time for him to get a drink, yep he does what he wants even though the coaches asked him to get back out there and play. Very stubborn that one, but once he was ready to play he did so well! He would run clear across the field just to get the ball ,I guess the other ones weren't moving fast enough for him. There is only one other little boy on the team and Kaden is the youngest they range from 3-8 most of them are about 5. 
Of all the days Ohio had to pick to be 90 it was yesterday when we had team pictures, a game and then Travis had a game right after Kadens that we had to get to. Travis won his game and I don't think they keep score in T-ball.

 I was so excited my parents made it out to Kadens game and Bryleigh was even more excited because she got to be with her papaw, major Papaws girl:)
She wanted to go out on the field and play so bad...luckily there were plenty of grandparents there to keep her entertained so I could snap some pictures.
 Dinner consisted of concession stand nachos and hot dogs since we didn't have time to cook, I know classy right;) By the time it was time to head home every one was covered in dirt, Kaden was covered from head to toe Bryleigh was pretty close to being covered she just wasn't as bad as Kaden who had to be stripped before he got in the car, I should have made Travis do the same;) He was pretty filthy himself from sliding into third. Oh and one of Travis' teammates took a ball straight to the eye I felt so bad it swelled up instantly! Take note when you hear heads up never look up because you could get a ball to the eye! 
Well have a wonderful Wednesday I'm going to get these kids out of the house and we are going to the water park. It is going to be another hot and humid day so I will be poolside. 


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