Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our 4th

The Fourth of July was just a normal day until it was time for Travis to get off work. We decided to go to a little festival about 20 minutes away. There was a parade, food, live band and people walking around handing out free bomb pop Popsicles what could be better ?! We walked around there for a little bit, tried watching the parade but no such luck well for me (short people problems).

We met up with some friends and their adorable little boys. The kids played for a few while we all talked and listened to the band and took turns chasing babies who were trying to escape. Bryleigh started to get super tired and was not a happy camper so we took off before the fireworks even started. We stopped and picked up some sparklers and popper things for Kaden on the way home. He played with those outside while Bryleigh slept. We also tried to watch fireworks from the driveway but could only see speckles through the trees so we gave up on that! Next year I think Bryleigh will be way more interested in the fireworks.....hopefully;).


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